Symantec is uniquely qualified to address the most complex cybersecurity challenges in the world.  We help assure that all of your data meets required compliance and regulatory requirements.  We enable your remote workforce to securely access sensitive corporate applications and data from anywhere.  We discover and block the newest generation of attacks targeting enterprises.  And our products support every platform, from mobile devices to data center servers, and every deployment model, from on-premises, to the cloud, to multi-cloud.  Most importantly, we ensure that your organization’s critical data and applications stay safe and secure no matter where they live.

The Symantec Enterprise Cloud powers all of these offerings, delivering shared capabilities including Data Protection, Threat Prevention, and our Global Intelligence Network, one of the largest civilian security intelligence networks in the world.

From endpoints, to networks, to e-mail, to the cloud, Symantec makes the world a safer place.

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